Perry and Angie High

Perry and Angie HighParental involvement and support is paramount to the success of any school, and Tabernacle Christian School has many extraordinary parents.  This is one of a series of articles that seeks to recognize some of the parents who are in part responsible for the success of Tabernacle Christian School.


If you have been to one of our TCS Spirit Nights at Chic-fil-a, Showmars, Bojangles, or Ci-Cis, without a doubt, you have seen one lady who is always there.  She spearheads these events to help our school raise extra money by doing ordinary things (like eating).  Angie High is a “go-getter” by anyone’s standards.  We are blessed to have her, her husband (Perry), and her son (Logan) as part of the Tabernacle team.


Years ago, when thanked by a staff member for her sacrificial help during our annual barbeque sale, Angie replied with tears in her eyes, “I promised the Lord that if He would give me a child, I would be involved in every part of his life.”  She and Perry are certainly fulfilling that promise. Not only are the Highs involved at Tabernacle, they are also involved in all other areas of Logan’s life, from his Boy Scout troop and church activities to having special events at Logan’s orthodontist’s office.


Last year Angie was the recipient of the “TCS Unsung Hero Award,” an honor given to a different parent each year for extraordinary contributions in support of our school.  We know that if TCS is involved, the Highs will be involved.  Although Logan was in the sixth grade last year, the Highs attended our K5 graduation (just because).  When we had “TCS Sunday,” the Highs attended (just because).  Last year the Highs sold 138 BBQ tickets (just because).  When we had “Teacher Appreciation Week” last year, Angie was “Facebooking,” sending emails, getting together lists, etc. (just because).

Perry, Angie, and Logan High of Tabernacle Christian School

Angie seems almost to be tethered to our Sycamore Student Management System, making sure she knows exactly what Logan is supposed to be doing.  She has indicated on several different occasions that the new system has significantly helped Logan’s grades because she knows exactly what Logan is supposed to do and is able to give him that extra “parental push.”   Since numerous studies show parental involvement is a key factor to student success, we expect great things from Logan High! So far this fine young man seems to be making his parents and TCS proud. We love you High family!  Thank you, and may the Lord bless you richly