Thanks so much to our TCS students, parents, alumni, and friends for the hard work they gave in preparation for this exciting event.  The kids (and adults) had a wonderful time dressing like cowboys and Indians.  They enjoyed fun games, Bible lessons, skits, snacks, playing on the obstacle course, and SO MUCH MORE!

A quick overview of what was accomplished:

  • An average of 177 people attended each night.
  • At least one precious girl came to Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • Trent Linville won the costume contest for the leaders.
  • Abigail Leonard brought the most visitors.
  • THE BOYS turned in a total of 426 lbs. of pennies.
  • THE GIRLS won the "Penny Contest" by 4 lbs. (They turned in 430 lbs. of pennies.)
  • The 956 lbs. of pennies made a total of $1,527.76.
  • FUN FACT:  Mrs. Jenny Purser fed over 900 snacks and meals (including a hot dog supper) for less than 50 cents per person.

Below you will find the "Promo Video" and also the "VBS 2012 in Pictures" video (enjoy):
**Thanks to Daniel Richardson for creating these videos