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 **Please make sure that all books are current editions and are on the 2012 - 2013 book lists (click file below):

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  2. List the each textbook (and applicable grade) that you have to sell
  3. List the price you want for each book or for all of the books
  4. List how you want people to contact you:  Phone, Email
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To Contact a Seller:   Use the preferred method of contacting each person.  

Book Listings:

Be Advised:  
Some of the Middle and Upper School courses are offered on a rotating basis.  
Therefore, all books are not used every year.  You may still want to buy books at a deal
for the future although the subject will not be offered again until 2013.

Name: Candis Mullis
Phone Number: 704-218-0439

1st Grade Books - ($5 each)

* Stepping Stones
* Secrets and Suprises
* Animals in the Great Outdoors
* The Bridge Book
* Tiptoes
* My America and My World

Name: Mariah Davenport

Buying:  2nd Grade Books

K-5 Books
God's World   ( 2 copies)

3rd grade
Second Grade
Sunshine Meadows

Name: Renee Jenkins
Phone Number: 704-221-4806

7th grade - "Of People", Literature, Fourth Edition.  ($5)
Name: Taylor Linville
Phone Number: 704-989-2365

10th Grade - American Government ($5)
10th Grade - World Geography ($5)
11th and 12th grade British Literature ($5)

Name: Tara Adcock
Phone Number: 704-361-3905

3rd Grade - Better Bridges
4th Grade - The History of Our United States ($10)
4th Grade - Developing Good Health ($5)
4th Grade - On His Own ($5)

Name: Justin Carpenter
Phone-Number: 704-320-8013

I'm looking for any 3rd and 7th grade books.
Name: Devon Gurley
Phone Number: 704-813-9557

Selling:   4th grade:  Flags Unfurled ($5)
                 4th grade:  Adventures in Other Lands ($5)

Buying:  1st grade:  Strong & True
                1st grade:  Handbook for Reading
Name: helen mcgougan
Phone Number: 704-690-2309

Selling:  7th grade "Of People"  literature book ($10.00)

Buying:  I am looking for 8th and tenth grade books

Name: Tiffanie Mullis

I'm looking for used books for the 1st and 6th grade.
Name: Brenda Parks
Phone Number: (843)672-6668

I'm looking for used 9th grade text books.
Name: Elizabeth Trevino
Phone Number: 704-221-3453

I am wanting to buy used 3rd and 8th grade books
Name: Mariah Davenport

I am looking to buy any 4th grade books.
Name: Ginger Givens
Phone Number: 704-221-0053
Looking for some 8th grade books if anyone has any availible.

Name: Sherri Hoover
Phone-Number: 704-254-6118

2nd grade           Primary Bible Reader    ($6.00)
                              Growing up Where Jesus Lived  ($6.00)

4th grade            Saved at Sea     ($5.00)

Name: April Brock
Phone Number: 704-296-4191
I am looking to purchase used books for the 6th and 10th grade from the current book list.
Name: Annette Aldridge
Phone Number: 704-363-0608
I am looking for any 1st grade used reading books that someone would like to sell.
Name: Beverly Brantley
Phone Number: 704-294-5471
I am looking for any 5th grade used books that someone would like to sell.