2019 - 2020 Tuition and Fees


Click here to enroll with Smart Tuition online.  Our school code is 12062 (you will need this number).  **You will begin a "New Registration."  Existing students do not need to re-enroll each year.

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SMART Tuition Online Enrollment Instructions
SMART Financial Aid Application Instructions (April 1, 2014)

Tabernacle Christian School of Monroe, NC receives no federal or state funding. It costs the NC State government over $9,300 per year to educate a student in our public school system. Therefore, Tabernacle Christian School's tuition is an exceptional value for a private, Christian education. We strive to keep all tuition costs and fees as low as possible.  

Basic Fees

Placement Test:  $75 (the placement test will require approximately two hours to complete)
Annual Registration:  $300 each student
Annual Book Fee (K-12):  $300 each student (all books remain property of TCS)

Tuition Rates

Tuition Rate
Kindergarten (All-Day Program)
1st - 5th
6th - 12th
"By-the-Class"*$1,000 per class

* "By-the-Class" students will be charged $300 for Registration, $50 Smart Tuition fee, $40 Web Student Management Software fee, $85 per class book fee (book fee includes all rentals, workbooks, supplemental material distributed throughout the school year), applicable lab fees, and applicable sports fees.  Students desiring to participate in NCCSA sports or the NCCSA fine arts competition must be enrolled in a minimum of two (2) classes per NCCSA regulations.

Before and After School Care
All students needing before and/or after school care are required to have the appropriate childcare forms on file.  (Click here to see mandatory forms) 

Before School Care Hours (6:30 a.m. - 7:45 a.m.):  Any student coming on the premises from 6:30 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. must go to before school care.  The FEE for before school care is $8 per day or $130 per month (max).  Any child coming to school before 7:45 a.m. will be charge for before school childcare.

After School Care Hours (3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.):  ALL students remaining on the property after 3:30 p.m. MUST go to the appropriate after school classroom.  The FEE for after school care is $14 per day or $235 per month (max).  ANY STUDENT staying in after school care past 6:00 p.m. is charged a rate of $1 per minute.


TCS does provide tutoring for our students.  We have 3 levels of tutoring available to our students based upon the extensiveness of the help that is required.  

      • Primary Tutoring (FREE) - This free service is available to those who need basic, sporadic clarification of concepts being taught in class.  This takes the forms of peer-to-peer tutoring, group tutoring provided during elective periods or after school has ended.  This level of tutoring is not intensive nor does it require ongoing, consistent tutoring to insure success.  It does not cover doing homework with students nor does it include becoming involved in memorization level activities.  We strongly encourage parents to be involved in the academic challenges of their children.  Most students will only need a few minutes of primary level tutoring per grading period.

      • Secondary Tutoring (2 FREE sessions per month and $35 per session thereafter) - Secondary tutoring involves one-on-one extensive teacher involvement.  All students will eventually come to a concept that becomes extremely arduous for them to grasp.  We are available to aid all students overcome such difficulties when they arise.  TCS is equipped and prepared to offer all students 2 FREE sessions of secondary tutoring each month.  These sessions will take place during elective periods or after school has ended through 4:00 p.m.).  This level seeks various ways to present the material so it becomes more easily understood by the student.  This level of instruction will help students with homework problems that ARE NOT memorization laden.  It is designed to help students overcome critical thinking, grammatical, and mathematical concepts.

      • Tertiary Tutoring ($35 per session bi-weekly tutoring) - Tertiary tutoring in extremely intensive tutoring that involves consistent monitoring and followup work on the behalf of a skilled instructor.  It involves listening to the student read, helping the student focus, going over homework in depth.  Without this level of tutoring some students will be unable to successfully complete the academic program provided.  This level of tutoring is extremely effective in helping most students requiring this level of tutoring to overcome the academic challenges they have.

      • Monthly Tertiary Tutoring ($250 per month) - For students requiring ongoing tertiary tutoring, parents may pay $250 per month for up to 8 sessions of tutoring.  
Financial Assistance 

Financial assistance is available limited and available for qualifying families based upon need.  Please contact the office to determine eligibility and procedures to obtain financial assistance.  We will also help families explore the availability of NC State funded programs to see if they have access to these funds.  

NC Opportunity Scholarship Program

TCS does participate in the NC Opportunity Scholarship Program.  We are here to help you successfully complete the application to receive this scholarship.  The Opportunity Scholarship Program currently pays up to $4,200 of educational expenses per child belonging to qualifying families.  Each year qualifying families are able to apply to be selected for this great opportunity.  (See more about this program)

Tuition Payments

Families may choose one of the following payment plans to best fits their needs:

      • 12 equal tuition payments (June - May)
      • 10 equal tuition payments (August - May)
      • 2 equal tuition payments (August and January)
      • 1 entire tuition payment (August) 3% discount

**Students enrolling in TCS mid-semester are required to pay for entrance testing ($75), the annual registration ($250), the annual book fee $250), and the entire semester (1/2 the annual rate).  TCS does not prorate tuition.

Sports Fees:

Junior Varsity and Varsity fees:  $175 each sport team fee includes Uniform Rental
Cheerleader Fees:  $125 PLUS each cheerleader must purchase her own uniform
MSB Sports Fees:  $90 each sport team fee includes Uniform Rental

Team members playing Junior Varsity and Varsity of the same sport:  Students playing on the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams of the same sport (e.g. playing on the JV AND Varsity basketball team) will be charged 1/2 the team fee.  Example:  $262.60 is the total cost for playing JV and Varsity of the same sport.

Cheerleaders playing basketball:  Cheerleaders who play basketball will have to pay the $125  cheerleader fee plus 1/2 the basketball fee.  Example:  $212 is the total coast to be a cheer leader and play on one basketball team.

Team members playing Junior Varsity and MSB of the same sport:  Students playing on the Junior Varsity and MSB teams of the same sport (e.g. playing on the JV AND MSB basketball team) will be charged 1/2 the team fee for the Junior Varsity team and the full price for MSB. Example:  $182.50 is the total cost for playing MSB and JV of the same sport.

Payment Types                                                    

All tuition payments and fees will be processed through SMART Tuition management.  
      • Payments may be made 24 hours a day / 7 days per week / 365 days per year
      • SMART customer service will always take your calls anytime of the day or night
      • All major credit cards accepted
      • Direct Bank drafts from your credit card, checking account, or savings account may be set up
      • You may make your payments online
      • You may make your payments via SMART tution's smart phone app
      • You may mail your payments to SMART
      • You may pay the school office

Click here to enroll online.  Our school code is 12062 (you will need this number).  **You will begin a "New Registration."  

SMART Online Enrollment Instructions (Step-by-step instructions)

Financial Aid 

Scholarships are limited and available for specific requirements based on need. This is on a "first come first-serve basis". Application for financial aid may be requested from the school office.  There is a $24 application fee per family that SMART Tuition Aid will collect to process applications.  Applications must be received by April 30 each year.

SMART Financial Aid Instructions (Step-by-step instructions to apply for financial aid)