Elementary School
Tony Mangum

  • Early Education and Elementary Administrator
  • At TCS since 1998
  • Wingate University (Undergraduate School)
  • Clark Summit University (Graduate School)

Susan Sumner of Wingate, NC   Susan Sumner

  • Elementary Principal
  • Teaches 3rd Grade
  • At TCS since 1989
  • Pensacola Christian College

Donnavaee Boulton of Mineral Springs, NC
Donnavee Boulton

Susan Helms of Wingate, NC
Susan Helms

  • Teaches 1st Grade
  • At TCS since 1999
  • Anson Community College

Jenny Purser of Monroe, NC
Jenny Purser

  • Teaches 2nd Grade
  • At TCS since 2007
  • Kings College

Ginger Couick of Monroe, NC
Ginger Couick

  • Teaches 4th Grade
  • At TCS since 2005
  • Wingate University

Middle and High School
Susan Boulton of Mineral Springs, NC
Susan Boulton

  • Middle and High School Principal
  • Teaches English / Literature
  • At TCS since 1994
  • UNC Chapel Hill, Wingate University

Marlene Koski of Wingate, NC
Marlene Koski

  • Teaches Spanish I and II, Marine Biology, Economics
  • At TCS since 1995
  • University of Montana, University of Oregon, San Diego State University

Stephanie Lindsay of Wesley Chapel
Stephanie Lindsay

  • Teaches Math, Speech, History, Reading
  • At TCS since 2002
  • Central Piedmont Community College / Western Governors University
  • All Star Teacher Article

Candice Griffin of Monroe, NC
Candice Griffin

  • Teaches Reading, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology
  • At TCS since 2004
  • Anson Community College
  • School Nurse
  • All Star Teacher Article

Paula Boulton of Mineral Springs, NC
Paula Covin

Becky Boulton of Mineral Springs, NC
Becky Boulton

  • Teaches 6th Grade, Art
  • At TCS since 2013 (See her Welcome Page)
  • TCS Alumna
  • Wingate University