Kindergarten is important.

Why should I pay to have my child enrolled in Tabernacle?

What will my child learn at Tabernacle?

Exciting information for children with "late birthdays" -  If a child turns five years of age after August 31, he will wait an entire year before attending kindergarten at a North Carolina public school.  GREAT NEWS!  TCS is prepared and equipped to accept students turning five years of age after the "cut-off date."  Upon completing our kindergarten program, students will be well prepared to enter the first grade.  Contact the school office at 704-283-4395 for more information. (Send Message)


Kindergarten is Important

You have probably noticed that your five-year-old is a creative, enthusiastic, imaginative problem solver with a well-developed set of language skills and an ever growing independent streak powered with the energy of, well, a five-year-old. You may have even been considering which kindergarten program you will choose for your child. Kindergarten is a very important time in your child’s development and can determine your child’s love for education. In the kindergarten program, your child will be introduced to the foundational basics that will be vital to him or her throughout a scholastic career. Your five-year-old will also learn important social skills, which will be a valuable tool for the rest of his/her life. The typical half-day kindergarten program even helps children become prepared for the routine of a full school day, beginning in the first grade and continuing through the twelfth grade. You know already that kindergarten is important for your child, but why should you put them in the Tabernacle Christian School Kindergarten Program?


K5 Student at Tabernacle Christian School of Monroe NC

Since 1972, we’ve been helping children have fun while learning the BASICS—reading, writing, and arithmetic —and so much more!  While others may be trying to come back to the basics, we never left! Our K5 program helps children develop valuable habits and social skills for a strong head start in elementary.  See Taylor Starr Aldridge's "Outstanding Students" page.


Tabernacle Christian School’s outstanding kindergarten phonetic reading program provides an excellent foundation for a life-long love of reading.  Five-year-old students learn to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet along with their sounds, and will actually begin reading by December!  It is also an outstanding accomplishment that each letter of the alphabet is learned along with a life-giving verse from the Bible that starts with that letter.


The K4 program provides a portion of the regular K5 program, so even four-year-olds learn to read at TCS. Beginning with letters and sounds, students progress to reading words, sentences, and stories in their own reading books, which they take home and enjoy reading over and over.

The Kindergarten Program here at Tabernacle employs a fun curriculum that is designed to encourage, cultivate, and support the wonderful individual your child is becoming. The kindergarten program at TCS includes:

    • Play-based/hands-on-learning activities
    • Fun educational games
    • Music time
    • Special, fun activities
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Free tutoring


The TCS kindergarten program is Christ centered and teaches a firm Christian foundation for your child’s character and moral growth. TCS offers a warm, safe, and friendly environment in which your child will grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and educationally. Miss Donnavee Boulton is an energetic, imaginative, patient teacher with excellent credentials (sum cum laude graduate from Wingate University) who will work one on one with your child and you to ensure that your kindergartner is well equipped to enter elementary school. The Tabernacle Christian School program even offers free tutoring if you feel that your child needs extra help in any area. Our academic program includes:


    • Phonics
    • Reading
    • Numbers (learning to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100)
    • Writing (Cursive)
    • Skills Development
    • Activity Time
    • Language Enrichment


We guarantee that your child will love coming to school every day, and you will love hearing about your child’s new experiences, new friends, new understanding of the world, and most importantly, of his/her growing understanding of God and his word. Our program is designed to focus your child’s natural curiosity and natural love for learning as well as to ensure a positive experience for both your child and you as a parent.