Philosophy of Education

Our school holds that Christian education is a mandate from God for the Christian family (Matthew 28:18-20). Because of Scripture verses such as Proverbs 19:27, Proverbs 22:6, Deuteronomy 6:6-9, and Colossians 2:8, we feel we must provide an atmosphere conducive to the Christian precepts of the Bible and in harmony with parental admonition.

We support parents who have a high regard for standards and teach their children morals such as truthfulness, purity, honesty, patriotism, and faithfulness.  Every subject at our Christian school is taught in light of Biblical truth. We accept God's Word as the final authority.

Tabernacle Christian School of Monroe, NC is a ministry of Bible Baptist Tabernacle. We exist because of our church, and we operate in harmony with our church and its ministries.

Tabernacle Christian School of operates with a traditional philosophy of education. By traditional education we hold:

  1. That the teacher is in charge of the classroom.
  2. That the teacher is responsible for providing a structured atmosphere in which the students will learn.
  3. That the teacher has the authority to administer discipline to each child.
  4. That homework is assigned regularly and is expected to be completed on time.
  5. That God's Word is truth. We use God-centered textbooks which teach spiritual truths, morality, and patriotism.
  6. That drill work and memorization are key tools in instruction.
  7. That reading is taught by phonics.
  8. That the teacher is professional in manner but is also servant-minded.
  9. That true learning takes place in this order:

           a.   Control

           b.   Communication

           c.   Learning

           d.   Positive Reinforcement

 10.  That rules and standards are not obsolete and out-dated.