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Taylor Starr Aldridge

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Taylor Starr Aldridge Amazes Teachers

Over the years Tabernacle Christian School has been blessed with some truly amazing students, and this past school year is no exception. Stellar student Taylor Starr Aldridge was only in kindergarten this past year, but she has already shown herself to be an exceptional student.  Her teachers have all commented on Taylor Starr’s intelligence.  Since Taylor Starr attended the Tabernacle Christian School K3 and K4 programs, she was exposed to phonics and reading at an early age.  Mrs. Missy Baker, her teacher in both pre-kindergarten programs, was pleasantly surprised with how quickly young Taylor grasped new concepts.  At the beginning of this school year, Mrs. Baker raved about Taylor Starr to her kindergarten teachers, Miss Paula and Miss Donnavee. Quickly discovering what a talented young student they had been given charge over, Miss Paula and Miss Donnavee agreed, “Taylor Starr is the ideal student. She listens, understands, and excels.” Her mother tells of several events regarding Taylor Starr’s aptitude including how on one occasion Taylor Starr brought home her science book and read the entire book in one night!

As a kindergartner this year, Taylor Starr took her Standard Achievement Tests for the first time and amazed everybody by scoring in the fifth grade reading level. No wonder she told her kindergarten teachers she needed harder books! Her mother was very pleased with Taylor Starr’s test results and had this to say concerning Tabernacle’s preschool program, “I truly believe that Missy Baker is the reason why Taylor Starr picked up on reading and phonics so quickly. She learned to read from Missy Baker in TCS's excellent K4 program.  When she graduated K4, she was already way ahead of our local K5 public school students.”

Taylor Starr excels in everything that she does. She loves to read and draw. She has an artistic bent and entertains her parents, teachers, and classmates with her creations. Her mother glowingly remarked concerning her daughter, “If you can’t tell, I’m a super proud mommy!” We are proud of Taylor Starr’s accomplishments as well and look forward to seeing her accomplish even more over the coming years.