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Evan Richards

Tabernacle Christian School is pleased to shine the spotlight on rising junior Evan Richards. Evan first came to TCS in the 9th grade.  His parents, desiring to remove their children from the public school setting, had been praying that the Lord would open the door for the right school.  When a co-worker recommended Tabernacle, they toured the school and knew right away that TCS was the place the Lord would have them to enroll their children.

Evan is a remarkable young man, especially with respect to his academic accomplishments. Besides consistently receiving highest honors in many of his classes, in 2013 Evan received top scores for English, Math and Science on the nationally administered Stanford 10 Achievement Test. This year he received top honors in both Math and Science on the same test. When he took the NCCSA fine arts academic test in 9th grade, Evan ranked 4th in the state and 1st in the region for Algebra I. This year Evan scored 2nd in the state on both the NCCSA Biology test and the Old Testament Bible Knowledge test.     Each year 10th grade students across the United States take the PLAN test. This test measures college readiness and is practice for the ACT, one of two college entrance tests required by most colleges and universities for admission. Evan, having a perfect score on the English section and a near perfect score on the Mathematics section of the PLAN, ranked on average 99th percentile in the nation when he took the test in November of 2013. This year the TCS Bible Quiz Bowl Team won the state competition, and Evan was a key factor in that win by answering more questions than any other TCS student.

We asked Evanís parents what they felt was the key to Evanís academic excellence. We were not surprised to hear that reading played a major role. According to his parents, Evan learned to read when he was just four years old. His Grandmother spent quite a bit of time with him, making the learning experience fun and challenging. He read books such as Dr. Seuss and Pre K books from Blue Sky Press. His parents limited television and game time, instead encouraging Evan to read, study, and play outside. By the time he entered 1st grade, Evan had read 1,500 age appropriate books and was reading on a 2nd to 3rd grade level.

We asked Evan what he enjoys most about TCS and were told he really enjoys his fellow students and teachers. He thrives on academic challenges, especially competing with other students to be at the top of his class. We were told Tabernacle has definitely been more challenging for Evan than his previous schools. Even in advanced classes he was sometimes bored.  He is also thrilled to have the opportunity to play different sports and be a part of the TCS chapter of the National BETA Club.

 With respect to his plans after high school, Evan, interested in working in the medical field in some capacity, is planning to tour Johns Hopkins University, the University of South Carolina and Vanderbilt. We have no doubt he will be successful in his future endeavors and are thrilled to have Evan Richards as part of the TCS student body.