Outstanding Students - Melanie Cohee

  Tabernacle would like to shine the spotlight on Melanie Cohee, one of our outstanding middle school students. Melanie has been at Tabernacle since 2010 when she entered kindergarten. She has excelled in many fields at TCS during the last 7 years. Currently, Melanie is a 6th grader. She shines academically with straight A’s. Her primary teacher Ms. Becky Boulton comments, “Melanie is an amazing student. She is respectful, helpful in the classroom, and puts forth her best effort in her schoolwork. She pushes herself to achieve the best she can do. This drive and determination to do well makes her easy to teach. When I first began to teach her, I noticed her leadership potential; her peers look up to her. She has a God given gift to lead. She is witty and easy to get along with. She is a friend to all those in her class.” Other teachers have described her as “outgoing” “driven” “highly motivated” “intelligent” “gifted” “friendly” and “excellent.” It is not surprising that TCS is proud to claim Melanie as one of our students. Melanie returns the compliment to her teachers and to TCS. “I like that TCS is a Christian school, and we read the Bible and talk about God every day. I have made rock solid friendships here since kindergarten. The teachers really help a lot too.”

      Melanie recently tested in the 2017 NCCSA annual academic testing and placed 2nd in the competition for 6th grade English. She has done well in academic testing in past years as well, placing in the top three in various subjects each year including: math, science, and English. In the way of extracurricular activities, Melanie has an interest in poetry recitation. During the NCCSA 2014 Fine Arts Competition she received #1 Rating and an Award of Excellence in humorous poetry reading. This year Melanie will represent TCS in the NCCSA competition in poetry again. She will also be our sixth grade representative for the NCCSA Fine Arts spelling bee.

        Melanie is also an active individual in sports related activities. She started playing volleyball in the 5th grade for the TCS team and also plays softball for Hopewell church. Melanie has achieved the rank of black stripe belt in Tai Kwan Do, a sport which she has done since age 9. She can also be seen exercising her mind studying the Word of God diligently for her role in the TCS junior Bible Quiz Bowl team, a team that won the state championship this year.

        Though she is young, she already has a job in mind and aspirations for her future. Melanie aspires to become a marine biologist. “I love animals; specifically sea turtles, dolphins, and other sea creatures.” Melanie plans to join girl scouts this coming year. It is remarkable to see the many things a young person can accomplish if he or she is filled with determination and drive. With Melanie’s track record, no one will be surprised when she accomplishes her goals.