PLEASE PRAY!!  Kidnapped Orphans Still Missing

(Updated:  11/19/2012)  We have contacted Maisie regarding the status of the orphans that were kidnapped (see 11/5 update).  Maisie said that Jeferson and Charisa are still missing, and the man over the orphanage believes the kidnappers took them to Bolivia  in order to continue the traffic these two precious children.

(Updated:  11/5/2012) Please pray for Maisie Clemmer and Cristi Clemmer.  The orphanage where they are ministering was broken into and two children abducted.  Dave Clemmer relates the story as follows:


Two men and a woman with pistols broke in and kidnapped two children.  The two children recently came to the orphanage after being removed by the police from a child sex-trafficking situation; it was the traffickers who kidnapped them again.  In the process, they threatened the children and adults with the guns and beat Virginia, one of the ladies (20 year old orphan) who helps care for the children.


Two of the older girls at the orphanage were answering the front door and a woman (claiming to be the mother of the two children that were abducted) and another man with a gun powered their way into the house.  At the same time, another gunman broke through a window and climbed into the house.  The names of the children who were abducted were Jeferson (7 years old) and Charisa (8-9 years of age).  They also hit at least three of the older girls, who were trying to protect the others.


Masie and Cristi were not at the orphanage when this incident happened.  Orphanage officials are looking into purchasing razor wire fencing around top of the building and also paying a guard to stand outside at nights.


Please pray for the children as well as Maisie and Cristi.  Peru is a dangerous country and trafficking of little children is lamentably a very common occurrence. 

Maisie Clemmer in Peru

(Class of 2009)

(6/23/2012) Maisie Clemmer has been serving the Lord in Arequipa, Peru, since October 3, 2011.  Her current areas of ministry are widespread:


  • Volunteering at Casa Hogar El Amor de Dios Orphanage for abandoned street children
  • Volunteering at the local Christian Jardin Feeding and Care Center for pre-school age kids which allows their mothers to work
  • Working with the Street Ministry in Peruarbo by supporting the street church and serving food. Peruarbo is very poor.  It is without electricity, clean water system and sewerage disposal.
  • Teaching English Class on Saturdays to mothers from Jardin
  • Teaching a necklace/beading class for single mothers so they can make something to sell on the streets in order to feed their children
  • Translating for Medical Mission Teams
  • Volunteering at the English Institute


Maisie’s testimony is as follows:  “In 2009, I went on my first mission trip to Peru. I was not worried about the flight nor going to the depths of the Amazon Jungle but as a mom/sister, my heart was tender as I was leaving Taylor [Maisie’s half-brother] for the first time in five years. My dad had been on this trip the previous summer.  It was a ten-day trip through the Scripture Union of Peru. The ministry was built around taking boys off the street. These are kids from broken families who were forced to put the oldest child on the street in order to survive.


We stayed at an abandoned boys’ home. I saw five-year-old boys put out on the street to sell their small bodies for food. I saw Taylor’s face in each of the boys. I felt his touch in each hug. I felt God say, ‘Here are forty Taylors.  I want to use you to show them My  love through you.’  I can honestly say that this was like seeing the face of Christ in each one of the street kids.  God, in His perfection, had been preparing me to love the orphans of this world. I did not surrender to the call to Peru, but the seed was clearly planted deep within my soul. The boys asked me, ‘When will I see you again?  You are coming back, aren’t you?’ My heart sunk as I realized I could not be another broken promise. I could not tell them about this love of Christ only to never return. I purposed and promised I was coming back. I was not called on this trip but instead it took two more trips to Peru and to the homes of these boys.


After my third trip to Peru (2011), I saw how each year the boys had grown and how they looked forward to our team’s visit more and more each year.  They remembered my name. I saw how they looked to me for love. I saw how I could no longer live my life as though they only existed ten days out of the year. We returned home on July 3, 2011, and I returned for Immersion classes on October 3, 2011. At this point, I do not know exactly where God wants to use me in Peru, but I pray daily that He will take me where love is needed. I want to love the unwanted. I want these children to be able to lie down at night with the peace of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. I want the least of these to know I believe in them and want to be a part of helping to develop them spiritually and emotionally and to provide the stability they may have lacked in earlier years. I want to hear their hearts, share their burdens and help them to know that the LORD created them and that each of them is uniquely and wonderfully made. I want to be a vessel to change their lives for HIM.”

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