Benefits of Christian Schools

Christian schools, like Tabernacle of Monroe, have benefits that are simply not going to be found in the government controlled schools of America.  Consider these benefits that are found exclusively in private, Christian schools:

  1. God's Word and principles are taught
  2. Christian schools share, teach, and implement your values
  3. Prayer is exercised and promoted
  4. Safety from rampant profanity, drugs, violence, and alcohol
  5. Academic Excellence that yearly test scores prove on a consistent basis (see PDF files below)
  6. Teachers that love and fear the Lord
  7. Children are taught that people are created by God and in the image of God
  8. Individual attention due to the low student / teacher ratio
  9. Success after graduation due to the education / Christian character combination

This and even more valuable information about Christian education may be found by visiting Discover Christian
Benefits of Christian Schools

Comparative Test Results

NCCSA Tests Results
AACS Test Results