We offer many opportunities for students to participate in our Athletic Program.  We offer sports for students of all ages and abilities.  We currently offer programs for basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, baseball, and soccer.

Congratulations Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys! 2017 NCCSA 1A State Basketball Champions!

Congratulations Cross Country Team
Our 2015 Cross Country Team did well at the NCCSA final championship.  The girls team placed 3rd and Valey Miller placed 2nd.

Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Basketball team as they become the 2015 NCCSA STATE CHAMPIONS!Our Boys Varsity Basketball team finished strong with a 95-64 victory over the Temple Eagles on Saturday, February 21 in Durham, NC.  Jeremiah Jenkins was named All-State.  Matthew Gooch and Jared Griffin were named First Team All-Region.  Coach Stephen Leonard said, "We give God all the glory.  This has been an unusual year regarding athletics.  It's the first time ever to win both the Soccer and Basketball Championships in the same year."  This is the first time winning the NCCSA State Basketball Championship since 1985.  
*These young men were also the 2015 conference champions of the CCC.   

Rams Junior Varsity Boys Basketball team - 2015 CCC CHAMPIONS!

Rams Varsity Boys Basketball team - 2015 CCC Champions!

Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Soccer team as they become the 2014 NCCSA STATE CHAMPIONS!
Congratulations to the Tabernacle Christian School soccer team for winning the NCCSA Division I State Championship on Saturday, October 25th, 2014. The boys played the championship game in Conover, NC, against Bible Baptist Christian School from Matthews, NC.  The team played great defense, evident by the final score of 2-0. Coach Ivan Sanchez was doused in ice water immediately following the game, and the players all celebrated as a team by having dinner at Chili’s. When interviewed, Sanchez commented that winning was “A weird feeling… hard to believe we won. To God be given all the glory.” He added, “The guys came through, and I am proud of them for always playing hard.” Junior Matthew Gooch described his feelings immediately following the game as “Indescribable.”  Co-captain Jared Griffin described the moment of victory as “Very fulfilling” and added that he very much wanted to defend their title next year. The Tabernacle Rams had an outstanding 20-1 season. Team members Jeremiah Jenkins (senior) and Gustavo Sandoval (sophomore) made the All State team, and Jared Griffin (junior) received honorable mention.  Way to go, boys!

Congratulations JV and Varsity Boys!!  2014 Conference Champs!
Our JV Boys basketball team won the CCC championship title 54-22.
Our Varsity Boys also took the CCC championship title 69-60.

Our teams have won several State, Regional, and Conference championships.

Sports Offered

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Boys and Girls Ages 4-12*  




Boys Grades 7-9

Girls Grades 7-9 
JV Basketball JV Basketball 
JV Soccer JV Volleyball 
Varsity Baseball JV Cheerleading 

Boys Grades 10-12 Girls Grades 10-12 
Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball 
Varsity Soccer Varsity Volleyball 
Varsity Baseball Varsity Cheerleading 

Varsity Soccer 

*Our sports programs for ages 4-12 is an intramural league.  These players learn many of the fundamentals of these sports at an early age.  This is beneficial to them when they begin to play teams from others schools at the Middle School, JV, and Varsity levels.

Sports Fees for Varisty, Junior Varsity, and MSB

Junior Varsity and Varsity fees:  $175 each sport team fee includes Uniform RentalCheerleader Fees:  $125 PLUS each cheerleader must purchase her own uniform
MSB Sports Fees:  $90 each sport team fee includes Uniform Rental

Discounts for participation of multiple levels of the same sport:

Team members playing Junior Varsity and Varsity of the same sport:  Students playing on the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams of the same sport (e.g. playing on the JV AND Varsity basketball team) will be charged 1/2 the team fee.  Example:  $262.60 is the total cost for playing JV and Varsity of the same sport.

Cheerleaders playing basketball:  Cheerleaders who play basketball will have to pay the $125  cheerleader fee plus 1/2 the basketball fee.  Example:  $212 is the total coast to be a cheer leader and play on one basketball team.

Team members playing Junior Varsity and MSB of the same sport:  Students playing on the Junior Varsity and MSB teams of the same sport (e.g. playing on the JV AND MSB basketball team) will be charged 1/2 the team fee for the Junior Varsity team and the full price for MSB. Example:  $182.50 is the total cost for playing MSB and JV of the same sport.

The following Liability Waiver must be signed by all participants:

2014 NCCSA Liability Waiver Form.pdf


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