Class of 2015


Our last Xtraordinary parent article shined the spotlight on Mr. Mark Boyce. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Boyce family. Our next outstanding alumna worthy of the spotlight for her contributions to TCS is Ms. Tori Boyce, Mark’s daughter. Tori attended TCS for most of her grade school years. As a student she excelled while at TCS. She participated in sports including soccer, cheerleading, basketball, and volleyball in addition to excelling academically. She participated in the Fine Arts 9th through 12th grade and received recognition in poetry writing and dramatic speaking competitions on both the state and national levels. She held the position of student body president her senior year and graduated in 2015 as salutatorian of her class.

        Since graduation Tori has volunteered at TCS frequently. She is a student at SPCC getting her undergraduate degree in graphic design. However, she still makes time to give back to her alma mater. Tori writes, “I am using all I learn at SPCC to give back to the school.” One of her biggest contributions to the school is the Rampage, a newspaper for the students that is dispersed each Monday. Tori says, “I love watching the kid's faces light up when they win a prize or when they see their pictures in the Rampage. That's why I do it. Their smiles are payment enough for me.” Tori also volunteers at school functions such as grandparents’ day and the Christmas program where she plays piano, helps organize, and makes videos. She also assists annually with the BBQ sale, managing the dine-in restaurant, and she assists her dad during the spring Bible memory competition for 6th through 12th grade. Tori is an active member of her church, Bible Baptist Tabernacle, and she sings in the youth choir. All who know her know her as a diligent worker, a friendly face, and most importantly, a young woman of excellent moral character. Tori also pursues her writing, a skill she began to develop during her time at TCS. She is now a published children’s book author. With all that Tori does, it is not hard to see why TCS would like to recognize her outstanding achievements.

       Tori writes, “Whatever I do with my life,whatever awards I've received and whatever future ones I receive, I want my life to honor God. I don't want the world to see me, but Him through me. All that I have, I owe to Him. Without Him, I couldn't have accomplished anything. Wherever my journey ends, I want the world to know that it started at the Cross of Jesus Christ.” Tori exemplifies the kind of caring, giving adult that TCS hopes its students become. Thank you, Tori, for all you do.