Ms. Paula Jean Boulton

TCS highly values our teachers and staff. We believe it is necessary to have a quality staff in order to give quality education to our students, and we would like to shine the spotlight on one of our dedicated teachers, Ms. Paula Boulton.

      Ms. Paula, as she is called by her students, began her sojourn at Tabernacle early in life. Long before she was a member of the faculty, she was a student at TCS. She began attending school at TCS in the first grade and continued until she graduated valedictorian of her senior class. As a TCS student, she participated in Bible Quiz Bowl and sports, playing basketball 9th through 12 th grade. After graduating from TCS, she excelled at Wingate University. While at Wingate, Paula visited TCS to volunteer at various school functions, including the annual barbecue sale. She graduated from Wingate University in May of 2011 with a 4.0 GPA and received the H. K. Helms Award for scholastic excellence. Within a few months of graduation, she was hired by Tabernacle Christian School to teach. She has eagerly poured into her students since then, giving back to her alma mater through her service and dedication. She now sows into children in the same way that teachers poured into her while she was a student.      


         Currently, Ms. Paula teaches middle school and high school history. History has always been a passion of hers. According to Ms. Paula, “I like teaching history because it is in many ways similar to the art of storytelling. If it is taught well, history can inspire, encourage, and better its learners. Just like hearing a good story can change the way we think about the world, knowing history can change our understanding of who we are. The astute student of history can always find applications of yesterday for today. As a history teacher, I also have the opportunity to praise God for His Providential care because understanding history provides many occasions to worship God for His faithfulness. It is amazing to see how God, the Master Storyteller, weaves events and lives together to further His plans for mankind. One of the best things about teaching history is recognizing God's sovereignty and His care in the lives of His people.” A former student of Ms. Paula, Noah Couick, speaks highly of his time in the classroom with her. “As I prepare to graduate college in December, I look back with sincere gratitude for what I learned while in Ms. Paula's classes. With a servant's heart and a willing spirit, Ms. Paula gave her all in every class that I attended. Today, I realize that what I learned in her classes has changed my life. To me, Ms. Paula is more than just a teacher. She is a friend who has inspired me through her Christian testimony to be more for the Lord. Thank you for everything, Ms. Paula!” Current student and tenth grader Kaitlyn Campbell seconds what Noah says, “I love her Christian character that she makes evident through all things everyday.”

        Although Ms. Paula loves to study the past, she is excited about the future. She is engaged to be married July 15, 2017, to Mr. Daniel Covin (pictured above). Mr. Covin is also a teacher who works in Lancaster County. Tabernacle wishes them much happiness in their life together. Historian and educator Henry Adams said “ A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Looking at this young couple in their chosen career fields, one can only imagine how they will touch countless lives. With their lives surrendered to God, they will be able to reach the hearts of American youth for many years to come, teaching them not only academics but the fear and knowledge of the LORD.