All Star Teacher Candice Griffin

       This week we would like to honor Ms. Candice Griffin, our high school science teacher and school nurse. Mrs. Candice joined the TCS family in 2004 when she began teaching science in the high school. During her 13-year career, she has educated hundreds of students in three B’s of science: “Bugs, Botany, and Bodies.” She teaches Earth science to 8th grade, health to 9th grade, biology to 10th grade, and human anatomy and marine biology to 11th and 12th graders. Mrs. Candice also currently serves as 7th grade reading teacher. With respect to teaching, Mrs. Candice comments, “My favorite subject to teach is human anatomy. I like the way it ties into my nursing passion. Knowledge of human anatomy is key in helping an injured person. It is important to know all you can and do whatever you can to help a life and save a life.” Being the school nurse has allowed Mrs. Griffin to handle various situations over the years from upset stomachs to broken bones. It is her compassionate nature, clear passion to help the injured, and her knowledge of medical sciences that draw teachers and students to her when there is any kind of health problem or injury, even if it is just the need for a Band-Aid.

        A third role Mrs. Candice plays in the TCS family is team mom. She has been very involved with the sports program, but not just a spectator or unofficial cheerleader. She is a dedicated volunteer. She has spent long hours washing uniforms for our sports teams after late night games so the uniforms will be ready for games the following day. She has traveled with the teams and supervised overnight sports functions. She has also been instrumental in running the Ram Shack at home basketball games so that others can enjoy deep-fried Oreos, french fries, and cheeseburgers as they watch their athletes play. Her organization and cooking skills also make her a key figure in putting together the graduation after party that TCS hosts each year following the commencement ceremony. She helps set up, prepares food, and cleans afterwards.

        Mrs. Candice is truly dedicated to TCS, but is even more dedicated to God and to her family. Anyone who spends much time with Mrs. Candice will find out that she loves the Lord and has a heart of prayer. She is an active member of Bible Baptist Tabernacle and volunteers at various church functions. She also is a loving mom, wife, and grandmother. She has been married for 25 years to Mr. Tim Griffin of the Monroe Police Animal Control. She is the mother of four children, daughter Taylor Linville and three sons: Colin, Jared, and Ethan Griffin. Three of her for children are alumni of TCS (Taylor Class of 2011, Colin class of 2014, and Jared class of 2016). Her youngest son Ethan is a rising senior at TCS. Mrs. Candice is also the proud grandmother of two grandchildren, Colton and Carson Linville. Her son-in-law Trent is also a TCS graduate.      
          Students and faculty all love Mrs. Candice. Comments about her include the following: “I love her sense of humor.” “I admire Mrs. Candice’s heart of service and her ability to be instant in season and out of season.” “Mrs. Candice’s strength of character, her faith in God, and her fashion sense all are inspirational.” “She is sweet and doesn’t get mad easily.” “She is like a mom away from home to her students.” “She is very understanding.” Mrs. Candice recalls one of her most memorable memories as a teacher. It occurred during a dissection in biology class. As she opened up the soon to be dissected animal, it released a pungent odor for which one student was not ready. She recalls the student, “Jumped up out of his seat and ran to the window gagging over the smell. I couldn’t help but laugh. I won’t ever forget his reaction.” Clearly dissection wasn’t the school project for him. What Mrs. Candice likes most about teaching are the memories of laughter and good times with her students. TCS is truly grateful for all this amazing woman does and contributes to the school. Thank you Mrs. Candice! We love you!