Stephen Leonard administrator Tabernacle Christian School of Monroe, NC

I wish to extend a warm welcome to Tabernacle Christian School of Monroe, NC. It is wonderful that God has brought us together in this great adventure of learning.  The benefits of a Christian education are far more than we could ever be able to list.  We hope that you will consider placing your child in TCS for this school year.  We are located in the heart of Union County, NC which is the 6th fastest growing county in America.  Our campus is only 3 minutes from Wingate, NC (the home of Wingate University).

TCS is a private, Christian school dedicated to providing an educational program which upholds a standard of academic excellence with its foundation firmly based on God's Word, the Bible. The training of our children spiritually, morally, and academically is of the utmost importance and is our ultimate objective. We also strive to cultivate a patriotic spirit in each child.


We literally have hundreds of parents who have been satisfied with the quality of education their children have received at our private, Christian school.  In the many years that Tabernacle Christian has existed, we have watched our graduates enter many careers and walks of life.  We take great pride and joy in the fact that many of our graduates remain nearby and have chosen to send their children to Tabernacle Christian.  Just think, these second generation students were placed at Tabernacle Christian School by their parents with confidence knowing personally the great benefits of a private, Christian education.  Our ministry has been blessed to have many of our graduates return to serve on the church, school, or daycare staff.

Former students have become pastors, pastors' wives, missionaries, teachers, owners and managers of thriving businesses, corporate executives, and many other vocations. They have been loyal, dependable, punctual, and achievers of excellence in their fields, and their lives were enhanced by the discipline they received at Tabernacle Christian school years ago.

Many graduates have chosen to continue their education in various institutes of higher learning. Our graduates have attended institutes such as UNC, NC State, Campbell University, Wingate University, Bob Jones University, Pensacola Christian College, Hyles-Anderson College, and even Oxford University. Many have even graduated from these institutes with highest honors.

As you visit our website, I trust you will capture the spirit that drives this ministry to serve Christ and honor Him in all we do for His glory. May the Lord lead, guide, and direct you as you prayerfully consider Tabernacle Christian School of as the private school in which to place your child.

In His Service,

Stephen P. Leonard