Xtraordinary Parents- Terry and Debbie Stevens

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      TCS is pleased to shine the spotlight on its friends and supporters Terry and Debbie Stevens. This exceptional couple met while both were working at Winn Dixie; Debbie was a cashier, Terry a bag boy. They married on May 30, 1976. The Lord blessed Terry and Debbie with three children: Angela, Chris and Josh. Youngest son Josh was born the same year older brother Chris graduated from high school, some eighteen years apart! Although neither Chris nor Angela attended TCS, Josh did, beginning in K-5 and graduating in May 2015.  Angela’s son Jacob is a seventh grader at TCS.


      Terry Stevens is a true entrepreneur. In 1980, he began Steven’s Produce. In 1998, he sold his thriving business and invested the profit in rental homes. In 2001, Terry launched another successful endeavor, Steven’s Trucking and Septic Service. This company currently employs several people including sons Chris and Josh.


      Of course, no family could be truly successful without Jesus Christ at their center. Angela was the first member of the Stevens family to be saved. She was saved in 1994 and immediately began praying for the rest of her family.  Her church family at Central Baptist Church prayed with her.  On April 18, 1995, Terry and Chris accepted Christ as Savior. Angela’s pastor Dale Brooks led them to the Lord in their home.  A little over a week later, on April 27, 1995, Pastor Dale and his wife led Debbie to the Lord as well.  Josh was saved on September 13, 2012 at a TCS revival service. According to both Terry and Debbie, “ God has been very, very good to our family.”


        The Stevenses have been heavily involved in the ministries of both the church and our school.  Terry and Debbie are always involved and supportive of everything here.  The couple are over the senior saints ministry at BBT, they sell most of the yearbook ads each year, are always leaders in our BBQ sales (in 2011, the couple sold 1,494 tickets), provide bathrooms for the soccer/baseball field, spear-headed the effort to raise funds for the recently installed fence in front of the gym and graveyard, and so much more.  Most recently, they were instrumental in providing transportation for the school’s “Spirit Rock.”  We are so blessed to have this couple as part of our school.