Stucco is finished (11/2/2012)


Progress (10/30 - 11/1)

Our project is almost complete.  The ceiling has been completely installed, the doors have been installed, and the carpet is being laid in the two new classrooms.  We plan to have the rooms open for occupancy by next week.  Also the entire front of the gymnasium has had the color applied and the stone work has began.  Check back in frequently for more pictures.  Lord willing we will have pictures of the classroom progress by Monday,  November 5.


Progress (10/27/2012)

 Cement has been applied to the entire front.  Lord Willing, this Monday, the color-coat will be applied and the stone work will begin.

Progress (10/23/2012)

Thank the Lord our rainy season is behind us for a little while.  The men from the stucco company have already wrapped the front of the gym with the needed base.  Lord willing, they plan to start installing the actual stucco on Thursday and the stonework on Monday.


Also, there are two nice classrooms being completed upstairs that will be used for a new computer lab and a large math class.  New windows, new walls, sheet rock, ceiling grids, HVAC, and electrical wiring have already been installed.  There are only a few things lacking—hanging new doors, new lighting, completing the painting, and installing new carpet.  We hope to have these exciting new rooms open for full use by the first Monday of November (11/5/2012).  Please keep all these things in your prayers.


We plan to have Phase 1-4 of this project completed by the end of  September.  The phases of this project are as follows:

Phase 1 - Stone and Stucco the front of the gymnasium (install 4 new windows across the gym)

Phase 2 - Add a new over-hang on the front with an angled roof

Phase 3 - Pour a concrete courtyard area

Phase 4 - Install NEW Ram Logo on the face of the gymnasium


1.  Installed 4 new windows to the front of the gym

2. Removed the old awning, all shrubbery, and concrete in front of gymnasium

3. Poured new concrete for the awning area

4. Framed the new awning.

**This project will cost about $20,000.  If you would like to make a contribution towards this project, please call the office.

(Computer Generated Depiction)

Tabernacle Christian Gymnasium