2017 BBQ Results



    The Tabernacle Christian School 2017 BBQ sale this past Friday was a success. Although we fell short of our goal, we sold over 2,800 tickets. Students, parents, alumni, TCS staff, and teachers all worked together as a team to help make this sale possible. The top student seller was Jacob Stevens in the 8th grade. Jacob earned a total of 5,730 points in sales and donations.

    Thank you to everyone who bought and sold BBQ tickets, donated desserts, volunteered serving or fixing food, made deliveries, helped clean up, promoted the sale, or helped with any of the other many jobs that make the BBQ sale possible. It would be impossible to list the names of all those involved, but TCS expresses heartfelt gratitude to the many wonderful volunteers who consistently serve, not just with the BBQ but in so many other areas as well. You are all greatly appreciated!

Jacob Stevens- Top Seller